Apr 9

Letter to Judicial Commission of Pakistan

Posted on Thursday, April 9, 2015 in Letter

Dated 9th April 2015

The Chief Justice of Pakistan/Chairman,
Judicial Commission ref: General Elections 2013 Inquiry Commission Ordinance 2015,
Supreme Court Of Pakistan

Ref: Request to investigate PTI allegations against me

Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan/ Respected Chairman,

I would like to congratulate Your Honor for the trust reposed by the nation in the institution of the Supreme Court to ascertain the fact whether or not the elections conducted in 2013 were in accordance with the TORs of the Ordinance governing this Judicial Commission.

I would like to submit to this honourable commission some facts which may help the commission come to some concrete conclusion.

I was nominated as caretaker chief minister of the Punjab province after a formal agreement was reached between the leader of the opposition and the leader of the house as per provisions of the constitution.

Not a single party or candidate raised any objection on my selection as the caretaker chief minister and I had the confidence of all the political forces competing in the 2013 elections.

Indeed, shortly after assuming office, I called on Imran Khan in Bani Gala and accepted his request to change the candidate for Chief Secretary Punjab, Chaudhry Zaman, proposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan and instead appointed ex-Chief Secretary KPK Javed Iqbal as CS Punjab.

I performed my duties as per the provisions of the constitution and till the day of election not a single party or candidate filed any complaint against any of my administrative actions.

To ensure transparent and fair elections, I completely reshuffled the bureaucracy. From the Chief Secretary to the Patwari, from the police Inspector General to the SHO, all were shunted and transferred. Over a dozen senior bureaucrats considered “close” to the PMLN regime were repatriated to Islamabad.

Unfortunately, over a year after the elections, the PTI and Imran Khan have scandalised and maligned me for allegedly rigging the elections and a malicious and false story was concocted in the name of “Thirty five punctures” to discredit me. No evidence, direct or indirect, has ever been presented at any forum or in the media in support of this allegation.

Meanwhile, I have sued Imran Khan for defamation but he has refused to appear in court and provide evidence in this regard.

This concerted campaign against me for being involved in this so-called rigging allegation has damaged my reputation and grievously engaged me in political controversies.

I have great confidence in the impartiality of this commission, and I request the commission to ask PTI to place the allegations levelled by Imran Khan against me as agenda number one of this commission to be investigated immediately on the basis of any evidence submitted by PTI.

I am ready to appear before this commission whenever desired.

Yours truly,

Najam Sethi
Ex-Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab
Editor The Friday Times
Host Aapas Ki Baat on GEO TV.