The Muqaddimah | December 16 History Special | A Conversation with Ali Usman Qasmi


December 16: Why East Pakistan became Bangladesh
In this special episode of The Muqaddimah, Ammar Ali Jan and Ali Usman Qasmi discuss the events and the factors that led to the creation of Bangladesh. Ali Qasmi sheds light on various positions of leaders like ZA Bhutto and Sheikh Mujibur Rehman on the crisis after the 1970 election. What was General Yahya thinking? What was the role of India in this crisis? All this and more.

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What is the political future of Mariam and Bilawal? Will Imran Khan complete his term? Is Secularism dying in India? Will there be another Indo-Pak war? Why is liberal democracy in retreat across the globe? Do you want to know why Imran Khan constantly takes U-Turns?
Ask Sethi Sey Sawal.

How will Pak-US relations unfold in next twelve months? Is the Economy going to stabilise and grow? Will Supreme Court throw out Justice Qazi Faez Isa?
Tune into Najam Sethi Show.

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